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About acne

The cause(s) of acne is(are) not yet known. Several factors have been associated to acne to include:

- diet
- genetic history

- hormones
- bacteria
- steroids
- skin irritation
- hygiene
- puberty

Acne can leave scars (pitting) and cause skin pigmentation, it is wise to consult a dermatologist about possible impacts or long term effects on skin appearance as a result of acne.

Pimples may be caused by stress. Pores can become blocked by sebum (sebaceous glands within the pore produce sebum). This sebum can darken and result in a blackhead (acne vulgaris). This blockage often harbors bacteria resulting in an accumulation of pus in the tissue (abscess). A collection of pus beneath the epidermis may appear as a white or yellowish substance and may be referred to as a whitehead.

Numerous over the counter medicines or products are available for acne but effective results vary. Typically, a combination of solutions provides more desirable results. Severe acne may require prescription medication. All those seeking treatment for acne (regardless of degree) should consult their physician.

See also eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin. Download as PDF.

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